China’s Rock-Probe Digs Up Sample On The Moon Will Happen?

It Was Bound To Happen Right?..   China is tossing it’s hat into the ring it seems for the bid of space exploration, rumors has it that they have a probe-rock sample collector that will bring back various rock samples while it will be roaming over the lunar surface.   Later down the line, China […]

A Prophecy Loop…

So The Mayans “Actual” Theory About Niburu..   Now I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but I have been watching this one interesting topic that has started last year.   A year ago I did a post about the events that the Mayans had spoken about the prediction that was to […]

The Moon Gets A Nasty Wake-up Call

The Moon Gets A Nasty Wake-up Call   Even though it is 238,000 miles from Earth, some things that can happen on the Moon can possibly be seen here on Earth that is visible to the naked eye. This is the case at hand with the Moon, as it was devastated by a huge meteor strike that triggered […]

3-Way Slice: Space X Rocket Engine No.5 Embarrassing Defect / “The Botched Scotch Diaries”/ Rory McIlroy “Bluetooth Blues”

Space X Rocket Engine No.5 Embarrassing Defect So the first ever commercial rocket not a NASA rocket,was set to launch and link up with the international space station. But things didn’t go exactly as planned, when the rocket in the mists of it’s lift off did just the opposite. It didn’t go anywhere! Now I […]

U.S. Planned To Nuke The Moon Back In The 50’s? WTFrick?..

U.S. Planned To Nuke The Moon Back In The 50’s? WTFrick?   Apparently back in the 1950’s right LOL. For some strange rather (Stupid A*s Reason if you ask me) America of course at the time was in the race for space exploration with the U.S.S.R. (Russia) then, was planning to detonate an atom bomb […]