Minimum Wage Hike Up To $15 For Seattle?..

Sleepless in Seattle, LOL Not After You Hear This Story..   Seattle, Washington has got to be gleaming with some very happy citizens right about now, and some might say but Seattle is kinda boring, and they are still stuck back in the 80’s on either fashion or hairstyles (well that’s what my sister would […]

Bloomberg Struggle For Soda Pop Ban Is Curved

Bloomberg Is Not Amused…   Well it’s official, the soda pop ban is now history due to the ruling of a Judge‘s decision in court. (Bloomberg’s famous “poker-face” laugh technique, what he really is thinking “You dirty bastards, I’ll pass that law someday!“) Michael Bloomberg is very pissed of about the decision of not banning […]

Connecticut Commuter Train Collision (Amtrak)..

Connecticut Commuter Train Collision (Amtrak)..   An unfortunate situation took place yesterday, when a commuter train had crashed and as a result 70 people were taken to the hospital. So this past Friday evening is when the train was reported to have crashed, the train route runs through the suburb areas of New York City. The […]

300 Guns Taken By Cops..

300 Guns Taken By Cops.. There was a time (1800’s) when the old west was wild, filled with lawmen and gunmen, that branded an old tradition… (They usually carry a gun or sidearm type weapon ready to blow each other away). Yea it seems harsh, but that’s how the old west was fought back then. […]

Amanda Bynes Kicked Out Of “Hotel California”

Amanda Bynes  Kicked Out Of “Hotel California” Amanda Bynes is starting to go there, and it’s not a good thing LOL. She has been acting a fool lately and if she doesn’t watch it, she might become another headlined celebrity f**k up like Lindsay Lohan . So Bynes was arrested for drinking and driving, as a result […]

Donald Trump: How He Got Started.

Donald Trump From The Bottom In 1946, Trump started learning the how the construction business worked and property values (Apartment Complex Renovation) from his Father. He heavily spent a lot of time with his Dad , up until he was 13 and his parents sent him to a New York Military Academy in which he […]

Ben & Jerry’s, H&M: Shop Opens In Times Square…

Ben&Jerry’s Shop Opens In The Downtown Apple? Yup you heard right, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shops have really come a long way. They been around for a long time, opening shops over different areas though out the U.S. But now they take a stab or rather a slice out of the N.Y. apple pie […]

Angelina Pivarnick From “Jersey Shore Cast” Gets Left Behind BY MTV…

Angelina Pivarnick Gets The Canned Treatment By MTV! Apparently Angelina Pivarnick, did something to piss off MTV. She one of the stars on the “Jersey Shore” cast, and is taking some buzz off type attitude from MTV. So MTV was putting together an ideal of the towns and communities that suffered at the hands of Hurricane Sandy, […]

Chicago’s Gun Blasted Blues…

For some time now, Chicago has been the focus of some heavy high crime rated activity since the beginning of 2012. The focus of it all is the gun violence, that has tooken the city by storm. From gangs, unnecessary confortations, and reckless actions of trouble makers that just run amock. Just like a like […]