Manti Te’o Back In The Driver Seat..

Manti Te’o Back In The Driver Seat.. After facing down some ugly scrutiny involving an non-existing girlfriend affair (Some Say That He Was Tricked Into A False Relationship Online) that was display on the social medias like Facebook & Twitter. Manti Te’o has surpassed it all, and is now going to the Chargers. Te’o was […]

Tennessee Titans Cheerleader In Trouble..

Tennessee Titans Cheerleader In Trouble.. Ex-Cheerleader of the Tennessee Titans, was taken into custody by the authorities after she had allegedly fondled a 12-yr-old boy. Elizabeth Leigh Garner, 42, was at a friend’s residence, and followed a 12-year-old boy into the bathroom, and had touched him inappropriately then tried to seduce him. Apparently this all […]

3-Way Slice: Drew Peterson Sees Red In Trial Proceedings / First Female Kicker NFL! / Oscar Pistorius Is Granted Bail?..

Drew Peterson Sees Red In Trial Proceedings Drew Peterson finally got his just deserts in the murder case of his third wife Kathleen Savio in his court hearing yesterday,  and after the judge ruffled his feathers big time telling Peterson that he will be serving a 38-year prison sentence Peterson went into Incredible Hulk (Hulk-Out […]

Coaches Just Getting “CANNONBLASTED,” Before A New Years’ Resolution…

Coaches Just Getting “CANNONBLASTED,” Before A new Years’ Resolution… It is embarrassing indeed getting fired on “New Years Eve,” just plain sucks. But this is the real for NFL Head Coaches of the NFL today. We start it off first with Andy Reid  who did 14 years of coaching, with the Philadelphia Eagles got the “Big Boots,”  […]