Syria Serious Situation… Wow Look The 3’Ss LOL.

(SSS) = Syria Serious Situation…   So out of the frying pan and into the furnace, we had went past the fire part already you know..   But things just seem to be getting out of hand for the U.S., and this seems to be another situation that has came out of far far left […]

Why Do Other Countries Try To Censor Content?..

Why Do Other Countries Try To Censor Content?.. That is a good question.. I did a post at (I.M. Strategic) called Google Transparency Report “What I Think”, and that was about content censorship (Blocking Content From The Public). The internet itself has become very powerful over some time now, and you have to stop and think […]

North Korea Missile… Launch? WTF?

North Korea Missile… Launch? WTF?.. So it comes down to this, North Korea has been causing some serious noise thus far and none to positive as of late.. This all comes from Kim Jong-Un‘s stint on promoting the ever so attention-getting ability to launch it’s missiles, which is a part of it’s prominent (Missile Warfare Program) […]

3-Way Slice: North Korea Put On Notice / Adam Lanza’s Motive Newtown Shooting / Girl Kidnapped Is Found

North Korea Put On Notice   Kim Jong Un really needs to understand something LOL, and that is he is starting to ruffle feathers of a lot of countries with he defiant attitude that has spawned off from North Korea’s rocket force program that he started blasting off as of late. Conducting missile launch test […]

Kim Jong Un Family Edition Exposed..

Kim Jong Un Family Edition Exposed.. Kim Jung Un is known to be a defiant dictator that can pretty much do what he wants it’s seems as of late. From conducting nuclear test launches without any approval of otherly power factions, he hs definitely annoyed sanctioned to death of his arrogance and careless attitude. But […]

Kim Jong-un Pushing For Nuclear Testing

 Kim Jong-un Pushing For Nuclear Testing Despite the fact that he is a out-of-control madman to date. Kim Jong-un has been pushing for nuclear testing. And he has been warned on a few accounts by the United States, to back off of nuclear testing activities. But he has ignored the warnings of the U.S., basically […]

Wiki-Leak Talks: Cynicism Outlook Of American Foreign Policy Markers.

Wiki-Leak Talks: Cynicism Outlook American Foreign  Policy Markers. Man America always seems to be getting tagged someway, somehow LOL, on its overall viewpoints of how things are handled on the behalf of Washington’s dementing attitude toward world leaders and their idealism (Their Thoughts On Foreign Guidelines And Rules) which was leaked through a Website, has put […]