Automation Man After Tron Came Into The Picture..   Automan was just one of those “superhero” shows that didn’t survive long (not many do), but it was a different type of superhero program.   Come to think of it, I would say whoever came up with the idea of Tron must have had a hand […]

“3-Way Slice”: Bombing Suspects Pursued / “Pregnant Rihanna”? / McCartney’s Message…

 “Bombing Suspects Pursued One Killed”   The FBI have finally discovered that it was two individuals wearing  baseball caps, that fit the match to the horrific events that had taken place Monday during the Boston Marathon running event. And just like everybody should know by now, that if you do anything out in public like […]

Guy Tries To Shoot Cop At Station.. WTF?

Guy Tries To Shoot Cop At Station.. WTF? You know I don’t understand just exactly what the f**k people are thinking nowadays LOL, and a better question is what are people smoking nowadays. Because this story just doesn’t make any damn sense at all. Ok so this guy goes to the Police station last night, […]

“Hammer Time!”

“Hammer Time!” Yea it’s a damn shame that the seemingly mixed up in a misunderstanding on famous faces, none other than MC Hammer himself. But after getting pulled over by a Police Officer that asked Hammer (Stanley Burrell), was he on either “Parole or Probation?” In the course of reaching for his license to give […]

Christopher Dorner: Guardian Angel Gone Bad…

Christopher Dorner: Guardian Angel Gone Bad… Christopher Dorner is a hard guy to track down as the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Dept), have been out the manhunt for the former Police Officer Dorner now branded a serial killer.  calling himself by his handle “Manifesto”, which was posted himself. This all happen when Dorner had murdered […]