Pope Francis Tells It Like It Is To The Mobsters

Don’t Piss Off The Pope!   Countless car bombings, hit contracts, and inhumane acts of torture, violence, and death was always associated with the working of mob connections or what many know to be (organized crime), you saw the movies like the untouchables that said supposedly Elliott Nest was the man who brought down one […]

Ten Places That You Can’t Visit No Matter How Rich You Are!

What The?.. My Money Can’t Even Buy Me A Ticket Inside!?   Yea that would seem to be the issue because believe it or not, there are places in the world that even Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, or even Queen Elizabeth, could even have a snowball’s chance in h**l to get into these 10 places […]

Christopher Hitchens: And His Powers Of Critique…

Hitchens: “The Critique Master”…   Christopher Hitchens was well-known for his ability to dissect just about any individual in terms of his uncanny gift to feel out a person’s thoughts and beliefs, through his sharp wit in terms of analyzation and criticism.   Hitchens was an outspoken atheist that would tackle different topic situations, and […]

Pope Benedict Steps Down At 85..

Pope Benedict Steps Down At 85.. After serving for years as a powerful  figure-head of the Vatican, Pope Benedict finally decides to step down from his position and is now ready to relinquish the noble and holy title to another. Over the course of the last few months, the Pope started to notice that his […]

Pope Benedict XVI’s Bulter Is In Deep Hot Water…

Pope Benedict XVI’s Butler goes on trial! Pope Benedict leader of 2 billion Catholics, and now leader of a church is constantly tainted by scandal after scandal. This time the dark shadow falls on Paolo Gabrielle, the Pope’s butler is accused of a serious inexcusable crime. Gabrielle was always to watch out for the Pope, […]