Richard Ramirez: Night Stalker At Large

Ramirez Was Damaged From The Start..   Where could one even can start about Richard Ramirez, I never really decided to look into his story until now. I knew about him being a serial killer that preyed on innocent people, but the thing is about this guy I just didn’t know how f**ked up he really was in the […]

Limo Catches Fire Killing Five Women

Limo Catches Fire Killing Five Women   This is just a unfortunate story all together, because this was supposed to be a time for celebration for a new bride that was indeed a very happy young lady. But it didn’t happen that way for her, Saturday would mark the day that she and 4 other […]

Michelle Shocked Concert Cancelled

Michelle Shocked Concert Cancelled Shocked basically blasted herself out her at concert, after out a homophobic rant this past weekend. As a result of her ranting about a homophobic slur, she now has a problem.. Her concert tour is now suffering for her comments at a Sunday night concert, that have cost her concert tour. […]

3-Way Slice: Prince William’s Mental State In Question?/ President Obama’s Inauguration / Patriots Dropped The Ball?…

Prince William’s Mental State In Question?  Prince William had made a pretty out there type comment regarding his actions of saying “Shooting Insurgents  In Afghanistan Is Like Playing A Video Game.”  This is not a good thing here, this is dealing with a war issue and that is not fantasy ok LOL. When you shoot and injure […]