Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly Says Jesus And Santa Are Not Black

Here We Go Again With The Color Thing..   Megyn Kelly might have biting way more off than even the Incredible Hulk could even think of chewing, that came about after a news reel broadcast that has her in the “hot-seat” as of now. (Jon Stewart ripping into Megyn Kelly like it’s no tomorrow over […]

Canadian Mayor Is Acting A Fool (Getting High On Life!)

Smoking That Hash Stuff..   Now this next story or rather situation is just going to rattle your head a little, and this is making some headlines in Canada which I might add doesn’t look all that great especially if you look at it through a high-powered telescope like “kepler”.  (Canadian Flag of Toronto) So […]

After Flicking The Judge She Almost Gets A 30 Day Stay…

After Flicking The Judge She Gets  A 30 Day Stay… Penelope  Soto messed up badly LOL, even Santa held his head down in shameful embarrassment as she ever so boldly did the one thing that would get you some hard bought time in the can. SHE FLICKED OFF THE FREAKIN’ JUDGE… And she laughed about it… […]

Insane Shooter Kills Two Injuries One Gunman Dies,In Portland Shopping Mall

Insane Shooter Kills Two Injuries One Gunman Dies, In Portland Shopping Mall Yesterday in a Portland mall eyewitnesses said that they saw a man come into the mall dressed in camouflaged attire, face hockey mask shield, and donning a bullet proof vest, and in a low-tone calm voice said to the shoppers there “I am […]