Military Sex Abuse Issues Again?

Military Sex Abuse Issues Again?   Yea it seems like this is an ongoing problem for the U.S. armed forces, no smoke and mirrors here to hide it anymore. And it seems like yesterday since I was in the Navy and when stuff like this was going on behind closed doors. And it’s no laughing […]

Tennessee Titans Cheerleader In Trouble..

Tennessee Titans Cheerleader In Trouble.. Ex-Cheerleader of the Tennessee Titans, was taken into custody by the authorities after she had allegedly fondled a 12-yr-old boy. Elizabeth Leigh Garner, 42, was at a friend’s residence, and followed a 12-year-old boy into the bathroom, and had touched him inappropriately then tried to seduce him. Apparently this all […]

Another Teacher In Hot Water!

Another Teacher In Hot Water!!  LaShawn Simmons, 41, has resigned from her job due to allegations of sexual relations with under aged minors. The former middle school teacher at Beverly Hills Intermediate School in Texas, was confronted about the allegations by the school board. She now faces criminal charges, for having intercourse relations with as […]

Charlton Teacher Charged With Having Sex 7 Students Total…

Charlton Teacher Charged With Having Sex 7 Students Total… DaNita Wilson  is in hot water for apparently having sex relations with her students at the Charlton County High School out in Georgia, it was said that Wilson was having sex with up to 7 students and she now faces serious charges of sexual assault charges. The GBI […]