911 Call: Man Makes A Claim Of Bigfoot Sighting?..

A Man And The Bigfoot Theory..   So this guy makes a call a 911 call to an operator, which seems to be nothing out of the norm. And the call could be very urgent, either for him or he could have been calling to save a life that is in desperate need. But neither […]

3-Way Slice: Will Ferrell Supports Mayor / Family Gets Paid $63 Mil Lawsuit Against Motrin / Obama Boosts Minimal Wage?

Will Ferrell Supports Mayor  Will Ferrell has done some outrageous character skits before, but this one LOL is out of the box type thinking all together. So Ferrell is playing the role of a Father with three kids, who just so happens to live in L.A. who owns a business. And his purpose of appearing […]