Facebook Warnings Afoot, Graphic Content Criticism A Reality..

Can You Say Up The Creek.. Without A Paddle?   Which is pretty much the situation for Facebook right about now from threatening lawsuits from users of the popular social media site, to situations that involves cyber-bullying, and now this new one which really just puts them in the frying pan.   So what it […]

Facebook “Reverse Hacked?”

Facebook Catches A Bugging Virus?     So the thing is this, when you go to the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.. You expect for your private and confidential info to be preserved well, and that no one can see your information that you want to keep “under-wraps”. You see I did […]

Twitter For Business (Breaking The Box Open For Followers)..

Twitter Insights: A Little Twitter 101 Intro..   Now me myself I will tell didn’t understand exactly how Twitter truly works, and I saw this one video by “I am the SEO Guy” and he breaks it down very well as to how you can boost your credibility high on “Twitter”. Now before I say anything more, gonna […]

Job Profile Troubles?… Are You Linked-In!

Job Profile Troubles?… Are You?   So here is the  situation.. You want to go for a job you saw either in the classified ads, job position postings online, or in on a t.v. commercial.  But let’s say you have been out of work for a while and you are worried that if you send […]