“Infamous”. So what do you think about the possibility of Cole having a son, or possibly a younger brother? Or better yet, what if Zeke found a way to replicate DNA cells from Cole’s body after his death. And he plays “mad scientist” and creates a clone that is slightly different in appearance than that of Cole’s? You decide!! What […]

Twisted Metal: One Crazy Ass Car Demolition Game!

 There Was Fire, Destruction, And Twisted Metal!   Was the words that one of Sweettooth’s dwarf henchmen would say (I Wanna Say The Voice-Over Is Done By Mark Hamill From Star Wars But I Don’t Know Really), during the intro to “Twisted Metal 4“. I really am going to enjoy talking about this crazy car battle tournament […]

“Zero Dark Thirty” Is Being Bullied About Promoting Torture?…

“Zero Dark Thirty” Is Being Bullied About Promoting Torture?… So the new movie    has been catching some flack about it’s content that is displayed (via) in it’s movie play suggestions that maybe the movie is a ‘Torture Happy Happy Joy Joy’, promotion type film. Because of the extreme types of torture that is done […]