Resident Evil Outbreak: The Long Lost Installment

The One Many Never Knew About…   Resident Evil Outbreak was a pretty bad-ass game that did not focus on any of the characters in the original background story, it would be the first type of Resident Evil installment of the video game series to “stand alone” as well as bringing a whole different perspective […]

Extermination: Will This Bad Ass Game Ever Return To The PS Platform?

Extermination: Will This Bad Ass Game Ever Return To The PS Platform? Extermination was just a crazy, crazy, CRAZY Game, I’m surprised that Hollywood didn’t try to snatch this up and ruin it like so many other video game to Silver Screen movie disasters (Well X-Men was 50% right and Resident Evil was 45% so […]

Resident Evil 6 has finally stormed it’s way to the PS3,XBOX 360, & PC!!

OH MAN!! OH boy! Where can even start with this one? LOL, RE6 is here! And I have to  does look incredibly good. I only seen the demos, and some of the FMV’s (Full Motion Videos). But from where part 5 leaves off, 6 takes off like a runaway missile accidently launched by a itchy […]

Conan O’Brien takes on the “Chris Redfield” Challenge, in Resident Evil 6 Gameplay!

Hey how are you guys today? Great I Hope! If not i have a little comical interest insight that can put some light on a cloudy day. Now for those who are gamers, (people who play badass video games) might know of some of the lastest and highly anticatped ones coming out this year. One […]