Pippen Had To See That One Coming…

Like Triple H Would Say, You Never Saw It Coming! (Pippen)   Well most people do probably see this coming, I did 100 % all the way. But remember the shuffle that took place at a restaurant, that Scottie Pippen was at with his family and a crazed fan just kept snapping pictures?   And […]

Swift Targeted By Cult Baptist Church?

Westboro Baptist Church Gets On Taylor Swift’s Back..   Taylor Swift has been targeted left and right, and the most famous of them was the time when she was on stage to receive her award during the MTV VMAs event back in 09′.   That did drum up some pretty good media buffs like the […]

LOL Actress Tries To [Rob] Ferrell For Award..

LOL Actress Tries To [Rob] Ferrell For Award..   I was thinking what the f**k right off, this one was just straight up hilarious to the ” T “ about what Audrey Plaza tried to pull at the MTV awards this past Sunday. First off this stunt was not “rehearsed”, just to get that out-of-the-way. Audrey […]