“The One-Hundred Dollar Conspiracy”

Governmental Shutdown Passed But Now Hidden Subliminal Money Messaging?   The governmental shutdown will to be forgotten no time soon that’s for sure, but as for many Americans now what lies next is more in likely the question of the days to come. That being said this year have already started off with financial woes […]

Syria Serious Situation… Wow Look The 3’Ss LOL.

(SSS) = Syria Serious Situation…   So out of the frying pan and into the furnace, we had went past the fire part already you know..   But things just seem to be getting out of hand for the U.S., and this seems to be another situation that has came out of far far left […]

Police Chief “Cannonblasts” Obama & Kerry Over Gun Laws..

“Gentlemen Set Your Cannons!”   A rather pissed off Police Chief, has some choice words for the current 44th President of the United States.   President Obama LOL just can’t catch any breaks, especially ever since tax hikes, unemployment, and frustrated people in this country that just pretty much had enough of the set-backs that […]