Obama, Syria, Israel, Iran, & Russia What Do They Have In Common?

Countries In Chaos Just Around The Corner?   It was inevitable the situation that is now thrown in front of Barack Obama, it seems as of late a lot has came his way. One can’t help but to step back looking at the situation and say, dam how much more could he possibly take on? […]

Eiffel Tower A Attended Target?..

Dam Is Anybody Safe From Terrorists Today?   Well the going thing now in the war on terrorism, I guess is targets. And recently you heard about the attack that was planned for the Olympic event that was set to be held in Russia in 2014 by madman terrorist leader Doku Umarov, which pissed off […]

2014 Olympics Targeted By Chechen Islamist Rebels.

No Play Ground Rules Apply For The 2014 Olympics   Don’t terrorist get enough?.. I guess not, because now there is a even bigger threat then the situation that took place in the Boston Marathon massacre that had left people simply devastated.   A new terror awaits, and this time the claim is coming from […]

Putin Will Grant “Political Asylum” To Snowden?

Putin Hashes Out A Ultimatum To Snowden   Vladimir Putin has put his foot down hard, and unfortunately the one on the receiving end is one individual by the name of Edward Snowden. Snowden (a former CIA agent) had did the one thing that he should have considered not to do against the U.S., and […]

Wiki-Leak Talks: Cynicism Outlook Of American Foreign Policy Markers.

Wiki-Leak Talks: Cynicism Outlook American Foreign  Policy Markers. Man America always seems to be getting tagged someway, somehow LOL, on its overall viewpoints of how things are handled on the behalf of Washington’s dementing attitude toward world leaders and their idealism (Their Thoughts On Foreign Guidelines And Rules) which was leaked through a Website, has put […]