Women Shoppers Go At It: A Non-WWE Stun Gun Match!!

Bring Back That Stunning Feeling Before It’s Gone..   Now if that catch phrase didn’t ring a bell, that was part of a song but you have to ex-out the part that says “Stunning Feeling” LOL.   So some issues went down on Black Friday as many would suspect, and the usual reason why would […]

Black Friday Busting Down The Doors For 2013

Shoppers Paradise For The 13′   Seems like everybody is going all gung-ho this Black Friday season, and it’s for good reason because of the unbeatable deals that will hook, line, & sink a shopper into the check out lines in quick fashion.   So this is where it usually starts off, the shopping holidays […]

Fiscal Cliff: Will We Be Left Hanging From It To Fall Off?

Fiscal Cliff:Will We Be Left Hanging From It To Fall Off? So far its been a pretty damn tough battle to come to terms with the decision on the tax hike or not, that will not doubt hurt a lot of citizens of the middle class in the U.S.  Congress and President Obama, have been […]

Black Friday Doorbusters Angled At Deals…

  Black Friday Sales Draws Consumers Left And Right     For now during this holiday season, people have been out and about doing the shop till you drop for good hands on deals. And they are like detectives in a murder case in most cases LOL, searching around closely looking for that perfect gift to […]