Ten Places That You Can’t Visit No Matter How Rich You Are!

What The?.. My Money Can’t Even Buy Me A Ticket Inside!?   Yea that would seem to be the issue because believe it or not, there are places in the world that even Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, or even Queen Elizabeth, could even have a snowball’s chance in h**l to get into these 10 places […]

Annette Funicello “Forever Mouseketeer”

Annette Funicello “Forever Mouseketeer”   Noted as one of the most unforgettable Mickey Mouse Club  “Mouseketeer”. She started out at the age of twelve with her career in acting, and due to her popularity on the “Mickey Mouse Club” Show had catapulted her to instant stardom very quickly. Originally Walt Disney took quite an interest […]

Target Catches A Classic “Cannonblast!”

Target Catches A Classic “Cannonblast!”   Back in 1993, this guy was looking for a job, and he had just left his previous job that was dealing with the fast-food industry (I Don’t Want To Have To Call Names, But A Hint About The Restraunt’s Name Well It Ends With ___BER the other half is ___G). And he […]