Minimum Wage Hike Up To $15 For Seattle?..

Sleepless in Seattle, LOL Not After You Hear This Story..   Seattle, Washington has got to be gleaming with some very happy citizens right about now, and some might say but Seattle is kinda boring, and they are still stuck back in the 80’s on either fashion or hairstyles (well that’s what my sister would […]

White House Threat ‘Linked In’ Through Twitter?

White House Bomb Threat ‘Linked In’ Through Twitter? More threats on the U.S. front it seems, from the Boston Marathon bomb scare last Monday, to the White House that has seemingly been threatened falsely through the favorite social media everybody knows and love “Twitter”.  Now I have to say after this day here on out, […]

Federal Way Complex Shooting (Seattle)

Federal Way Suburb Shooting (Seattle) Things got really hairy when the Police arrived at an apartment  complex (Federal Way Apartment Complex)  not far from Seattle, Washington. And within a short few moments three people were killed (Two Were Found Later In A Nearby Apartment) in an encounter with the Police. Officers were alerted about the complex […]

3-Way Slice: Online Learning For Schools.. The Downside / Health Care Laws Gone Crazy / Guide To A Hitchhiker’s Nightmare..

Online Learning For Schools..  The Downside So basically it’s goes like this, online learning in School are beneficial no doubt and it can help a kid learn 2 – 3 times faster on a subject then in tradition Schooling techniques that were taught in classrooms around the country before the “Internet showed it’s face in the […]

Budweiser Puts The Can Away On Denzel Washington!

Budweiser Snatches The Can Away From Washington Well Denzel Washington does it again, but this isn’t a real life surreal episode you see with ol girl what her name… Snooki in the background drinking it up doing side cart wheels, that would make George Washington chip a wooden tooth with glee no see… This time […]

Patent A Invention? But How Much Does It Cost…

Patenting A Invention May Come To Be Expensive As H**L Now days you might have ideals or even blueprints in the back of your mind, that you might have and wanted to find a way to protect your ideal and not to have it stolen by someone else. If that’s the case, then you would […]