What is the REAL IRS Cover-up That Is Kryptonite To Republicans?

A IRS Scandal That Republicans Say “No-Way” To..   Well the thing about the IRS is this. We don’t really care for the IRS, but at the same time they are a necessity. Now for what reason exactly WHY there are needed in this country, it’s kinda hard to say really. Just like over in England, the […]

White House Threat ‘Linked In’ Through Twitter?

White House Bomb Threat ‘Linked In’ Through Twitter? More threats on the U.S. front it seems, from the Boston Marathon bomb scare last Monday, to the White House that has seemingly been threatened falsely through the favorite social media everybody knows and love “Twitter”.  Now I have to say after this day here on out, […]

Boston Marathon Attack..

Boston Marathon Attack.. Police had arrived on the scene quickly, but it was challenging for the medical personnel to get through the crowds as one eyewitness said.. The bystander said that his dad was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment as he was injured in the blast. All in all this was supposed to […]

Palin “Cannonblasts” Obama Conservative Issue

Palin “Cannonblasts”  Obama Conservative Issue  Palin went off the radar on Obama, and pulled out an old styled cannon on him and blasted away ugly (Metaphor). She called Obama out on the issue of promising the “most transparent” administration ever, and that was followed up by the magic words to stur up a fight (Well […]

3-Way Slice: Prince William’s Mental State In Question?/ President Obama’s Inauguration / Patriots Dropped The Ball?…

Prince William’s Mental State In Question?  Prince William had made a pretty out there type comment regarding his actions of saying “Shooting Insurgents  In Afghanistan Is Like Playing A Video Game.”  This is not a good thing here, this is dealing with a war issue and that is not fantasy ok LOL. When you shoot and injure […]

Ohio Advocates Worry About Medicaid: Fiscal Cliff Discussion…

Ohio Advocates Worry About Medicaid: Fiscal Cliff Discussion… President Obama meet up with a few Governors, including some White House officals and they talked about the staggering results that the “Fiscal Cliff” could have on the U.S. Karen Kasler a Statehouse reporter gives some insight to this overall financial affect that will sooner or later […]

Romney Out To Lunch At The White House, Hanging With Obama?..

Romney Out To Lunch At The White House, Hanging With Obama?.. After a tough campaign battle turned victory to Barack Obama, Mitt Romney went to visit Obama for a sit in luncheon at the White House yesterday.  With the aid of his usual motorcade that could block off huge piles of crowds to clear a […]