Google Drops The Axe On Online Book Authors..

Off With Their Digital Heads Google Says!   So who doesn’t know Google by now, while if you say the elderly then you are probably right on all counts.   There are some authors that probably wished that they didn’t know them right about now.   That statement holds the complete truth, after an ugly […]

Skype Call Interrupts Witness For Zimmerman Testimony?..

Professor Interrupted…   So during the Zimmerman trial, a “witness was called in via on “Skype” for key testimonial details to the case.   A professor Scott Pleasants was set to testify and add his comments to the case while on the social media platform (professor called in through Skype), when a series of “prank” […]

When Did Google Show Signs Of Humor?

When Did Google Show Signs Of Humor? Now I just have to start off and say Google deep down does not have what you would call a tickle bone in it’s electronic body. Let’s be real here, if you try to picture Google with a friendly smile on it’s digit face well.. Haha then the picture […]

Casey Anthony Comes Out Of Hiding Finally..

Casey Anthony Comes Out Of Hiding Finally.. After two years it seems that Casey Anthony have just fallen off the face of the earth, and when she did come out she definitely was not about to receive any embraced arm wrap welcomes from anybody. Because the fact of the matter that still stands from back […]

3-Way Slice: Will Ferrell Supports Mayor / Family Gets Paid $63 Mil Lawsuit Against Motrin / Obama Boosts Minimal Wage?

Will Ferrell Supports Mayor  Will Ferrell has done some outrageous character skits before, but this one LOL is out of the box type thinking all together. So Ferrell is playing the role of a Father with three kids, who just so happens to live in L.A. who owns a business. And his purpose of appearing […]

New Xbox 360 Problem: It Chews Up And Scratch Your CDs Why Is That?…

New Xbox 360 Dilemma It seems like no matter what problems the Xbox 360 gets out of LOL, there a new one just waiting around the corner. Apparently the Xbox 360 first had the issue of the “Red Ring Of Death,” which is when you go to switch on the 360 console and you then […]