The Originals Starring Madman Klaus

So He Went Back To Take Back New Orleans…


IMG_0007[2]Most people probably can’t stand him but he makes the show definitely come to life, he makes decision that may piss you off then later down the road in a future episode he usually get his back by an enemy whether it’s a witches, or werewolves, hybrids, sometimes even his own kind (vampires).

Klaus decided to stir up the good folks in New Orleans in the hit show series “The Originals”, which debuted in 13′. When the first aspects of this show came about was a spin-off of the CW series “The Vampire Diaries” which in a way indirectly introduces Klaus as an outsider to the town of New Orleans.

(who can ever guess what Klaus could possibly be up to)

IMG_0008[1]In short he was making a break from the storyline in Diaries going his own way to sewing his oats if you will LOL. He planned to do just that by going to see an old friend named Marcellus, but once Klaus enters the town he is treated pretty much like anybody else that just doesn’t fit in (an outsider’s reception).

After catching the drift that the town folk (which are vampires like him incidentally), really don’t care to have him just walking around like he would be automatically accepted. In fact, they even hinted to him in one way or another that he isn’t welcomed, but surely they don’t know Klaus because he just doesn’t give a rat’s ass anyhow plus will do what he chooses to in a heart-beat.

(Marcellus becomes the leader of his own vampire clan in New Orleans which ultimately pisses off Klaus)

IMG_0009[1]After some friction between Klaus and the vampire locals almost breaks out into the streets Marcellus comes upon the scene and tells his subjects to back off of Klaus, he goes on letting them know that Klaus was one of the original vampires that settled into New Orleans ever since the early days which was basically decades ago.

IMG_0010[1]Klaus plays up to the hospitality that Marcellus displays in front of his followers, even though they still don’t like nor trust him to the lowest common fraction denominator with a remainder of zero LOL.

(after a series of disagreements the original friends fall-out hard about who should be the head chief of New Orleans)

Nevertheless Klaus then makes himself at home in Marcellus’ town, but there was still yet a problem that Klaus had with that. It was now Marcellus in control of New Orleans, and Klaus figured since he came back to the town that the key to the city would return full control to him.

Well… The thing about that was Klaus had left New Orleans first off, and secondly he didn’t expect to receive the cold shoulder welcome that he did since arriving there. Marcellus tells Klaus that he is like family in the town, despite the fact that Klaus doesn’t fit in anywhere.

IMG_0012[1]Klaus realizes that he needs to make his presence heard and felt, eventually in one of the episodes Klaus had reached his boiling point due to the lack of respect that the town folk vampies was lacking to show him.

(looks like Marcel’s army have the advantage over Klaus)

Marcellus already knew what Klaus was capable of after all he knew Klaus for a very, very ,very long-time.

IMG_0013[1]Klaus gets into a huge shuffle with the local vamps and gets his butt kicked at first, seeing that the fight was done Klaus wasn’t not finished…

(but looks can be deceiving LOL, man he is going to rip into them like a trucker tearing into a pack of  Slim Jims)

He went on a ‘tare’ and kicked just about every vampire’s ass in New Orleans haha, until Marcellus stepped in and breaks up the huge fight.

Klaus stepped away from continuing the battle believing that he got his point across loud and clear. He does take Marcellus to the side and reminds him that he let him take over the town only until he makes his returns later on to reclaim it.

Marcellus then in turn reminds Klaus that he left his town not stating his exact IMG_0011[1]plans for doing so, in Marcellus’s mind he feels that if you abandoned the town for lack of interest why show up now after so many years wanting so desperately to take it back…

Later on the show would introduce other characters to sweeten the pot adding good stuff to the plot of the series that has been doing great thus far. The main angle that is a factor in the series is Klaus becoming a dad LOL, that is just priceless in itself.

I’m sure more twists will develop as the show persists.



The Originals Starring Madman Klaus


(By: Jaye Irons)




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