New Pepsi Bottle Shape?

New Pepsi Bottle Shape? It’s been a long time since the popular Coke drink Pepsi, has motioned on any accounts to brandish a new look for it’s container appearance. From the original Pepsi bottle shape from way back then, then the 12 0z. can shape not to mention various other sized can shaped products they had […]

Jordan Ties That Knot Extra Tight..

Jordan Ties That Knot Extra Tight..  Well like triple HHH from the WWE would say (You Never Saw It Coming..). Or maybe most people did, but it’s official, Jordan has taken driven into the lane of a West Beach, Florida courthouse and rebounded off the backboard with a marriage license. His fiance Yvette Prieto & […]

Back On The “Octomom” Will She Do It Again?…

Back On the “Octomom” Will She Do It Again?… Well here we go again, so “Octomom”  (Nadya Suleman) is back on welfare and again is in need of some financial assistance. The Mother of 14 has been facing some rather embarrassing situations involving porn and people who been criticizing the sh*t out of her for doing […]

Florida Crazy Again Girl Goes Butt Naked In Traffic…

Florida Crazy Again Girl Goes Butt Naked In Traffic…  LOL I read this story about Tracy Mabb that was walking out into the intersection on South Dixie Highway out in Pompano Beach, and out of the blue the woman starts to go into strip tease mode, right out in public. And this girl didn’t have any […]

Jimmy Hoffa: Mystery Uncovered?…

Jimmy Hoffa Mystery Murder Cloaked For Years… People for years were not certain just exactly how Hoffa disappeared back in 1975. And a long time Hoffa’s banishment was vastly speculated as definite foul play that involved a so-called friend of his, that was caught up into the mob. Sheeran was that guy that worked as […]

Pregnant Voter Shows Up For Ballot

Pregnant Woman Falls Out, While Waiting In line To Vote West Palm She showed up with her husband, to stand in line like everybody else to place a ballot. And they stood in line, at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church for the voting  proceedings. About 2 hours of standing in line waiting, and the rather […]

Jeepers Creepers 3 (Cathedral) I Had To Go And Bring It Up Didn’t I…

So I’m still contemplating when will it surface to the silver screen, so say Jeepers Creepers 3 No… “Get out they not making a 3”. This is what a friend of mines keeps telling me but I tell him right back, “But hey what about that barn scene”. Then he says barn scene? Yea that […]