Pippen Had To See That One Coming…

Like Triple H Would Say, You Never Saw It Coming! (Pippen)   Well most people do probably see this coming, I did 100 % all the way. But remember the shuffle that took place at a restaurant, that Scottie Pippen was at with his family and a crazed fan just kept snapping pictures?   And […]

Roger Dean “Cannonblasts” James Cameron Over Film Idea..

James Cameron “Cannonblasted” Over Avatar Movie..   You see now I just got done talking about how celebrities get targeted over crazy sh*t. Well now there is a situation with James Cameron and a British Artist, who is apparently suing Cameron for “stealing ideas” that had made the hit movie “Avatar” a smash-box office hit.   […]


“The Billionaire Doctor Turned Vigilante”   Doctor Miles Hawkins was your average but very wealthy guy and a brilliant researcher as well. Till one day, he decided to be at a ‘certain place’ within a ‘certain time frame‘. You know this is going to clash with the old saying “I was at the right place, but it happened […]

Lance Armstrong In More Hot Water?..

Lance Armstrong In More Hot Water?…   More woes for Lance Armstrong just seem to appear from the left or right, as he now faces some serious situations after the “Tour De France” dirty secret of which he admits to doping accusations. In which he was stripped of his titles, and then stepping down from […]