Inside The Ring On Al Qaeda’s Terriorist Plot Attack..

al Qaeda Is At It Again…   Well the buzz now about al Qaeda is that they are aiming to construct a plot to orchestrate an attack plan against the western regions and the U.S.   This all had started when a posting that appeared on the Ansar al Mujahidin network yesterday.   There was […]

“The Illuminati Project”

“Society Is Left Blinded”   People have been hearing more and more about the “Illuminati”, and they have been linked to a lot of controversial rumors about what they are really all about.   So I was surfing through the net, and came across a video with Prince in it talking about ideas of a […]

Robbers Get Away With Fifty Million In Diamonds!

Robbers Get Away With Fifty Million In Diamonds!  This kinda reminds me of the story I did about Rita Crundel that was the Comptroller of Dixon, IL. That stole over $50 million dollars in revenue from the city some of which was stolen in diamonds that was reported to be worth a few hundred thousand […]

Missing Mother Went Missing In Turkey Finally Found…

Missing Mother Went Missing In Turkey Finally Found… Sarai Sierra, 33 from New York was on vacation out in Istanbul, Turkey   went missing. Saturday her body was found, Sierra was dead. Sierra was orginally suppose to go on the flight with her friend, to take her tour trips of Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Munich Germany. Which was all part […]

Business Uprise: Positive Global Spike Or An Even Break?

Business Uprise: Positive Global Spike Or An Even Break? So far the Global Market has been surprisingly bouncing back, despite the disappointing statistic predictions of Business dangers   (Picture: Sept. 2012′ Stock Market Poll Chart) and failures that expected to happen on a large-scale. But it’s not to say that  it isn’t at full strength, as places like […]

Global Warming Is Becoming A Big Issue…

Global Warming Is Becoming A Big Issue… Lately there has been increased worries about the issues of Global Warming, although not too much concern in the U.S., Russia, and China. But other countries like, Germany, France, Spain, and Japan, feel very differently about the issue. And the environments in this countries have become more apparent as […]