“The Alcatraz Effect”

Most Prisoners Say I Can’t See Nothing Around Me!   Which is exactly how they want it to be at “Alcatraz of the Rockies”, this is the place that houses extremely way out of control prisoners that are just so dangerous and belief.   So this place is so dangerous that it was designed a […]

O.J. Taking Cookies And Not Asking Permission?..

What Is Going On With The “Juice” Has He Finally Snapped?    Ok I have heard of some really silly s**t that goes on in prisons around the U.S. today, but this one has to take the cake completely away from Strawberry Shortcake (wait a minute– did he steal a cake from her as well […]

Inmates Go On “Food Strike?”

“Food Not Wanted Here, Not Even Steak”   Over 30,000 inmates at a California prison, decided that they were not going to the food lines for “chow”.   Now this does sound different and usual, but yes.. It is a reason that these inmates are not grabbing a food tray and munching down.   And […]

O.J. Simpson Gets Knocked Out In Prison

O.J. Simpson Gets Knocked Out In Prison  The “Juice” has been in prison for 5 years now, and it seems that some of his buddy inmates are talking about a few things behind his back. Now just last week or so, it was reported that he got into a scuffle in the joint (A.K.A. Prison). And […]

After Flicking The Judge She Almost Gets A 30 Day Stay…

After Flicking The Judge She Gets  A 30 Day Stay… Penelope  Soto messed up badly LOL, even Santa held his head down in shameful embarrassment as she ever so boldly did the one thing that would get you some hard bought time in the can. SHE FLICKED OFF THE FREAKIN’ JUDGE… And she laughed about it… […]