Mickey D’s Facing Rent Nightmares…

Raised Money Issues For McDonald’s (Rent)?   McDonald’s was a kid’s dream to play and ate for over the last handful of decades, and the business has went from there continuing to put smiles on kid’s faces through the iconic clown character Ronald McDonald. (don’t even think about going to Mickey D’s with 15 cents, […]

Octomom: Investigated For Welfare Fraud?

Octomom Is Back In The News (But Not For The Limelight Excepted)   Nadya Suleman or better known as the notorious “Octomom”, might really be in over her head as of now. She faces welfare fraud that was brought against her after an investigation that was launched by welfare officials. So that means right off, did she […]

What is the REAL IRS Cover-up That Is Kryptonite To Republicans?

A IRS Scandal That Republicans Say “No-Way” To..   Well the thing about the IRS is this. We don’t really care for the IRS, but at the same time they are a necessity. Now for what reason exactly WHY there are needed in this country, it’s kinda hard to say really. Just like over in England, the […]

Illinois Is So Broke, That Abe Lincoln’s Pockets Are Lentless…

Illinois Is So Broke, That Abe Lincoln’s Pockets Are Lentless… Illinois is just up s**t creek, taxes are just chopping up residents all over the state. And it is taking it’s toll on jobs, student loans, paychecks, mortgages, social security benefits, LOL hell lets just even throw in a package of salami while we’re at […]

Chicago Lottery Winner Poisoned After Winning $425K’s Lottery.

Chicago Lottery Winner Poisoned After Winning $425k’s Lottery. Showing no signs of any foul play lottery winner Urooj Khan  died after winning a large sum of $425,000 dollars on a Lottery ticket he brought at a 7-Eleven food quickie mart store. On the surface of Khan’s death it seemed like it was just caused naturally or […]

Waukegan ATM Users Getting Robbed Left And Right…

Waukegan ATM Users Getting Robbed Left And Right… This has been a problem for people living out in Waukegan,IL as of late. There has been ATM users who have been targeted in a string of robberies that have victim seeing fire truck red, like a bull seeing the matador’s red cape flapping in the distance. […]

Fat Joe Up The Creek On Tax Evasion?

Fat Joe Up The Creek On Tax Evasion? Fat Joe (Joseph Antonio Cartagena) has “Uncle Sam” on his back for not filing his federal income tax returns that was for the 07′-08′ tax year period. The 42-year-old Cartagena  had garnered over $2.7 million dollars for his record deals and concert tours, all of which he […]