Satanists Wanting To Keep Satanic Statue Next To Ten Commandment Monument?

Some People Are Just Really Wacko Today   So here it is you have a situation that is just so way wrong turn in the other direction.   There was a request (a f**cked up one if you ask me), some people of a satanic group organization is asking for a satanic statue to be […]

Inside The Ring On Al Qaeda’s Terriorist Plot Attack..

al Qaeda Is At It Again…   Well the buzz now about al Qaeda is that they are aiming to construct a plot to orchestrate an attack plan against the western regions and the U.S.   This all had started when a posting that appeared on the Ansar al Mujahidin network yesterday.   There was […]

Swift Targeted By Cult Baptist Church?

Westboro Baptist Church Gets On Taylor Swift’s Back..   Taylor Swift has been targeted left and right, and the most famous of them was the time when she was on stage to receive her award during the MTV VMAs event back in 09′.   That did drum up some pretty good media buffs like the […]

Double Take On The Kitty..

Some Cats Have Nine Lives But Two Heads?   This one is a unique story and highly interesting no doubt, so if you didn’t know about people being born joined at the hip (Two People Who Are Identical And Born Attached By The Hip Or Head) it is uncommon but it does happen from time to time. […]

People Who Feel They Don’t Deserve To Be Successful, Or Afraid Of It…

People Who Feel They Don’t Deserve To Be Successful, Or Afraid Of It… Most People in life fall into a category that they feel they can’t escape from. Depression is a part of it, as well as uncertainty  and doubting themselves. They grow up from a kid having the best of intentions of a dream they […]