Sometimes It Can Just Really Suck Being President..

Just Not Obama’s Week…   President Obama it seems has been getting put through the ringer it seems as of late, and it has been starting to come from the least unlikeliest individuals.   Actually to put it frank, these individuals are celebrities…   Yea I know, Hollywood and seemingly Politics have been clashing into […]

Avengers 2 “Sequel Movie” (Age Of Ultron)

Will They Screw This One Up Or What?   Hollywood just does not have an idea about Marvel Comics, in terms of “Comic Book” conversion to movie, or another example is the “Resident Evil” movie series that they have produced or some time now.   So here’s the thing, they just don’t have a clue […]

“The Purge”

“The Purge”   I didn’t forget about that post for a friend of mines Alex, that was telling me about the movie “The Purge”. He told me that the movie was overall pretty good, but he did say the ending was kinda messed up and that Hollywood could have came up with an better ending […]

‘Tekken’ Movie Misunderstood By Hollywood…

‘Tekken’ Movie Misunderstood By Hollywood…   I saw this one review about the Tekken that came out some time back, and LOL it had to be one of the funniest that I have seen so far. Hollywood has been trying to capture the “movie magic”, with the video game world and really they still have a […]

Nickels Worth Over 3 Mil Go To The Auction!..

Nickels Worth Over 3 Mil Go To The Auction!..   Five cent coins from the early 1910’s is causing some serious attention, and that is because this coin is rare and there are a few of it’s kind. The coins are reported to be wroth up to $3.1 million in value. But there is a […]

“Black Dahlia” Who Really Killed Her…

“Black Dahlia”    ”  Who Really Killed Her… This is a story about this girl named Elizabeth Short or better known as A.K.A “Black Dahlia,” she was often mistaking as a Call Girl. Many men had a thing for her, and because of her dazzling beauty they would give just about anything to even be noticed by […]

Amanda Bynes Kicked Out Of “Hotel California”

Amanda Bynes  Kicked Out Of “Hotel California” Amanda Bynes is starting to go there, and it’s not a good thing LOL. She has been acting a fool lately and if she doesn’t watch it, she might become another headlined celebrity f**k up like Lindsay Lohan . So Bynes was arrested for drinking and driving, as a result […]