“The One-Hundred Dollar Conspiracy”

Governmental Shutdown Passed But Now Hidden Subliminal Money Messaging?   The governmental shutdown will to be forgotten no time soon that’s for sure, but as for many Americans now what lies next is more in likely the question of the days to come. That being said this year have already started off with financial woes […]

Tesla’s Plight…

They Brought Silence To Him In The Worst Way   I talked about the infamous Nikola Tesla a long while back it was about the inventions that he had created (he is most notably known for his discovery of the “AC” electric current), but many people didn’t really know what else that Tesla had invented. […]

Newscast Situations Going Bananas..

Sometimes The News Is Funnier Then Cosmo Kramer On Seinfield..   Which is basically true sometimes especially when you have a anchor man / woman who are placed into very heavy LOL predicuments, that can make them look like a idiot in the process even though they are actually trying to do a news reel […]

Satanists Wanting To Keep Satanic Statue Next To Ten Commandment Monument?

Some People Are Just Really Wacko Today   So here it is you have a situation that is just so way wrong turn in the other direction.   There was a request (a f**cked up one if you ask me), some people of a satanic group organization is asking for a satanic statue to be […]

Obama & Democrats Looking Toward 2014 Not So Sure..

Democrats Not Marching Into 14′ With Obama?   So here we are at the end of 2013, and here they are President Obama & Democrats who are looking to set at the top of the pedestal seemingly assured of themselves as “victors” only a short few weeks after the Governmental Shutdown that had left many […]

Woman Boston Marathon Bombing Costume WTF..

What The H**l Are People Thinking These Days?..   Now I know that Halloween is supposed to be the time for pretend to be that ‘certain’ somebody else character that you like to portray for that night of a little mischief and fun.   But that was taken to a whole different level with this […]

“Krokidil” Death In Dosage..

Chicago Back On the Hot Seat Once Again..   It seems now the “The Great Windy City”, has a whole new set of issues as of late.   This is no surprise to most Chicagoans today, you can basically take your hands and hold them out while counting your fingers and thumbs and you still […]