“Online Dating Networks Are A Haven Ground For Thirsty Hackers”

Online Dating Exploited..   Many go to it to find their signficant other, some may go to it to try to find a friend hoping for it to go further into a relationship.   But over the course of time now, online dating has become the go to thing in many Americans‘ lives today that seek […]

Google Drops The Axe On Online Book Authors..

Off With Their Digital Heads Google Says!   So who doesn’t know Google by now, while if you say the elderly then you are probably right on all counts.   There are some authors that probably wished that they didn’t know them right about now.   That statement holds the complete truth, after an ugly […]

Facebook Warnings Afoot, Graphic Content Criticism A Reality..

Can You Say Up The Creek.. Without A Paddle?   Which is pretty much the situation for Facebook right about now from threatening lawsuits from users of the popular social media site, to situations that involves cyber-bullying, and now this new one which really just puts them in the frying pan.   So what it […]

Google Glasses: Reversed Technology Sighted By The Big “G”…

Governmental Meltdown Over Goog’s Glass-Wear   I was have been trying t o get to this post in forever’s time, and it has been due to me being super-busy.  (Co-founder of the Google Glasswear product Sergey Brin wears a pair himself.) So if you are use to seeing me post everyday but haven’t been lately, […]

“The Purge”

“The Purge”   I didn’t forget about that post for a friend of mines Alex, that was telling me about the movie “The Purge”. He told me that the movie was overall pretty good, but he did say the ending was kinda messed up and that Hollywood could have came up with an better ending […]

Facebook “Reverse Hacked?”

Facebook Catches A Bugging Virus?     So the thing is this, when you go to the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.. You expect for your private and confidential info to be preserved well, and that no one can see your information that you want to keep “under-wraps”. You see I did […]

Murders Of Katelyn Wolfe Wanted To Kill For Thrill..

Wolfe’s Murders Wanted To Know How It Felt To Kill Her..    So here is two life-time friends Randall Crosley,25, and Jordan Buskirk ,26 decided to do the one thing that ranked them on top of the psychotic  premeditated murder list which was constructing a plot to murder 19-year-old Katelyn Wolfe for kicks. (Wolfe pictured middle, Crosley left […]