Jeffery Osoborne’s.. (Back In Love Again!)..

Great Song Nice Beat..   Jeffery Osborne had a hit song with the group that he was apart of years ago called L.T.D, his family was tied into the music industry ever since he was a kid.   He had to have learn and gained his talents from his Father (Clarence “Legs” Osborne), that had […]

“Cee-Lo Green”

Gnarls Barkley (St. Elsewhere)..   When I first heard of Cee-Lo, honestly I didn’t know who in the world this guy was. Then I asked some people who is this Cee-Lo guy anyhow, and they just looked at me like they were looking into the depths of deep dark outer space LOL.   So I […]

Faze-O “Riding High”..

Faze-O “Riding High”.. Was a funk group that was formed during the “Disco Era“, and was brought together by the leader of the “Ohio Players” Clarence Satchell that also was known for his production work in the music industry. And as of late, more and more rappers today have a sampling of tunes and beats to […]

The Doobie Brothers & Micheal McDonald..

“The Doobie Brothers & Micheal McDonald”..  This famous rock band started out with John Hartman who was a drummer that arrived in California back in 69′. Hartman was on a mission if you will, and that was to meet up with Skip Spence. Spence was a Canadian-born American musician and singer-songwriter, and he was the […]