Jeffery Osoborne’s.. (Back In Love Again!)..

Great Song Nice Beat..


IMG_0199[1]Jeffery Osborne had a hit song with the group that he was apart of years ago called L.T.D, his family was tied into the music industry ever since he was a kid.


He had to have learn and gained his talents from his Father (Clarence “Legs” Osborne), that had played with other noted popular musicians like Count Basie, Lionel Hampton, & Duke Elington.


At 13-years-old Osborne had lost his Father, but this would not stop him from embarking on the journey to becoming a popular funk and R&B music artist.


So he first joined the group mentioned before (L.T.D) in the 70’s, and they would create different hits songs that made them very popular including one that I liked that was called Back In Love Again”.


That song had a great beat to it, and great rhythm timing with good background sound from vocal singers including Osborne singing his part in it as well.


But the thing that I didn’t know about Osborne is that he didn’t start singing lead man at first for the group, but he started as a drummer for

IMG_0200[1] the band first.

 (vintage photo: Whitney Houston on cover with Jeffery Osborne)

But I remember when that song Back In Love Again was done, he was performing as lead singer.


But the group had a few other good hits like..


  • Love Ballard
  • Concentrate on You
  • Holding on When Love is Gone


After a few years when Osborne did take over as lead singer, those were a few songs that they had created until 1980 when he decided to break from the group and start his solo career.


So in 82′ he released his first self-titled album, and two hit songs that he created I Really Don’t Need No Light”, and On The Wings of Lovewhich did great placing between the 20-30’s music chart range.


He even wrote lyrics to Whitney Houston’s hit song All at Once”, he was involved in the musical production of the song We Are the Worldwhich came out in the mid 80’s.


In 86′ he had the hit song called You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song), and that song nearly placed him at #10 on the music charts.


He was also chosen to sing the national anthem a few times, he did it for the NBA Finals & the “World Series”.


He also appeared on a season episode of “The Bachelor”, singing one of his hit song “On The Wings of Love”.


So all in all a great performer, and now you get to take a listen to the song that I think really started his career off so check it out below..


(Video Credit: Slayd5000)



Jeffery Osoborne’s.. (Back In Love Again!)..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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