Mayor Goes After Police Chief Because She Was Gay

Mayor Might Have Put His Foot Deep In His Own On Mouth   Crystal Moore was a 20 year vet with the Latta Police Department is probably wishing that she could throw the newly elected mayor behind bars for showing his bad side that has stirred up some cold and cloudy conditions between the two. […]


Automation Man After Tron Came Into The Picture..   Automan was just one of those “superhero” shows that didn’t survive long (not many do), but it was a different type of superhero program.   Come to think of it, I would say whoever came up with the idea of Tron must have had a hand […]

Joe Arpaio Allows His Deputies Access To AR-15s

Deputies Granted Usage Of AR-15s (24/7)   Joe Arpaio apparently has had enough, he is taking action against the fight of violent criminals that have been getting completely out of hand to the point where law enforcers are almost backed into a dark corner. So what is a Sheriff to do?..   Just let his […]

Federal Way Complex Shooting (Seattle)

Federal Way Suburb Shooting (Seattle) Things got really hairy when the Police arrived at an apartment  complex (Federal Way Apartment Complex)  not far from Seattle, Washington. And within a short few moments three people were killed (Two Were Found Later In A Nearby Apartment) in an encounter with the Police. Officers were alerted about the complex […]

Guy Tries To Shoot Cop At Station.. WTF?

Guy Tries To Shoot Cop At Station.. WTF? You know I don’t understand just exactly what the f**k people are thinking nowadays LOL, and a better question is what are people smoking nowadays. Because this story just doesn’t make any damn sense at all. Ok so this guy goes to the Police station last night, […]

Another Teacher In Hot Water!

Another Teacher In Hot Water!!  LaShawn Simmons, 41, has resigned from her job due to allegations of sexual relations with under aged minors. The former middle school teacher at Beverly Hills Intermediate School in Texas, was confronted about the allegations by the school board. She now faces criminal charges, for having intercourse relations with as […]

Christopher Dorner: Guardian Angel Gone Bad…

Christopher Dorner: Guardian Angel Gone Bad… Christopher Dorner is a hard guy to track down as the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Dept), have been out the manhunt for the former Police Officer Dorner now branded a serial killer.  calling himself by his handle “Manifesto”, which was posted himself. This all happen when Dorner had murdered […]

Waukegan ATM Users Getting Robbed Left And Right…

Waukegan ATM Users Getting Robbed Left And Right… This has been a problem for people living out in Waukegan,IL as of late. There has been ATM users who have been targeted in a string of robberies that have victim seeing fire truck red, like a bull seeing the matador’s red cape flapping in the distance. […]

Alarming Find At Supermarket In The Meats Section, Nope Not Mad Cow Disease…

Alarming Find At Supermarket In the Meats Section, Nope Not Mad Cow Disease…  Roswell, New Mexico home of all the crazy military hidden stuff, that is not for common citizen like us to know about. (Controversial Government And Their UFO Secret Toys!) This is a very uncommon rather different angle of a situation all together. Police […]