The “Stone Cold Steve Austin” Intensity Factor (JR Calling The Shots)..

Speaking Out Confidently, Is Like Opening A Can Of Whoop-ass..   “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is well-known and recognized in the wrestling entertainment industry since the days of ECW & WCW in which he was once apart back in the earlier moments of his career.   Most know him to be a smash mouth, trash talking, […]

Rahm Emanuel’s 2014 City Budget Can Just Take A Hike!!

LOL Chicago Needs More Tax Laws? WTF?   Chicago today is facing more and more difficult times it seems, the murders have backslid a little do to the freezing cold temperatures.   So it’s sad to say, but the only thing that will keep the murders down is old man winter itself.   And if […]

3-Way Slice: Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Flavor Flav’s Business Flop, Sam Simon Is Dying..

Jake “The Snake” Falling Down Hard..   I use to be plucked right in front of the TV set every Saturday morning around 10’o clock to 11 am, watching WWF “Superstars” wrestling back then.   And it would be an hour of wrestling fights, some trash talking, and the wrestlers putting on a great show […]

Can You Smell What Dwayne Johnson Is Cooking?..

Can You Smell What Dwayne Johnson Is Cooking?..   The iconic line that bought forth an iconic wrestler, that has been in the game of the professional sport since his appearance in the franchise back in the 90’s. Had to undergo some surgery, due to tearing in his abdomen that occurred in his match-up at […]

Owen Hart’s Widow Wins Lawsuit

Owen Hart’s Widow Wins Lawsuit Owen Hart was noted as big time superstar in the WWE, for years ever since his brother Brett the “Hitman” Hart was involved in the Franchise Wrestling league himself for many years.  But an unexpected twist in Owen Hart’s career had taken place in 1999, I was one of the […]

Jordan Ties That Knot Extra Tight..

Jordan Ties That Knot Extra Tight..  Well like triple HHH from the WWE would say (You Never Saw It Coming..). Or maybe most people did, but it’s official, Jordan has taken driven into the lane of a West Beach, Florida courthouse and rebounded off the backboard with a marriage license. His fiance Yvette Prieto & […]

Ultimate Warrior Dishes The Dirty On The Hulkster: NO HOLDS BARRED BROTHER!

Ultimate Warrior Dishes The Dirty On The Hulkster: NO HOLDS BARRED BROTHER! I was checking out a video done by Ultimate Warrior (a.k.a James Brian Hellwig) on the legendary Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea). And let me tell you, it wasn’t the type of comments that would make one feel good about themself, but rather shameful. […]