Drones, Minus Us?…

Maybe Not Sooner But Later Everything Digitized or Robotized?   I was listening to Jonathan Brandmeier on the “50,000 watt blower” (720 WGN radio <>), and it was a very interesting conversation about robots slowly taking over jobs. (Jonny B talking over the Chicago airwaves at WGN radio station) To put it more specific not […]

Short Insights Of Plumbing Problems

Self Plumber Clues   Plumbing problems can be a drag for any homeowner, and it can wind-up costing someone an arm & a leg in terms of getting a plumber to fix a leaky pipe (or a complete section of pipe or pipes that might have to be removed all together).   The truth is […]

Superbus: The Indy 500 Way To Get To School

Marty McFly’s Back To The Future Ride Don’t Got S**t On This Bus!   You know everything is going to hell in a paper basket when you see what is considered to be the next thing of evolution transportation.   So people should know by now, that most buses are just plain dam slow. And […]

Mickey D’s Facing Rent Nightmares…

Raised Money Issues For McDonald’s (Rent)?   McDonald’s was a kid’s dream to play and ate for over the last handful of decades, and the business has went from there continuing to put smiles on kid’s faces through the iconic clown character Ronald McDonald. (don’t even think about going to Mickey D’s with 15 cents, […]

Soda Drinks: Why Are They Dangerous?

The Soda Beverage Conspiracy..   Now this is a topic that is just full of doubts and theories as to what is said of Soda Pops, but this is just weirdly tripped out but true about what soda pop can do to the human body. So consider this, the body is a mystery just like the mind. […]

Job Profile Troubles?… Are You Linked-In!

Job Profile Troubles?… Are You?   So here is the  situation.. You want to go for a job you saw either in the classified ads, job position postings online, or in on a t.v. commercial.  But let’s say you have been out of work for a while and you are worried that if you send […]

Sticking To What You Start: Then Ideas Become Reality Will Flourish.

Sticking To What You Start: Then Ideas Become Reality Will Flourish.  Golden Ideas So you know the old saying: “Finish what you start.” Is of course when you set out to do something like a specific goal you set out to accomplish, completing the task after you put in hard work and time to make it […]

“Scam Alert” : Profit Web System… Stay Away From It!

“Scam Alert” : Profit Web System… Stay Away From It! The so legit work at home “Profit Web System,” sounds like the ideal thing for working at home and making some pretty good money. And lets be honest, there is millions of people who might think to embrace the idea of doing just that spending more […]

Empowering Yourself Understanding Attitude Toward And Change For Your Business…

Empowering Yourself, Understanding Attitude Toward And Change For Your Business… Dave Sharpe struggled a lot when he left home at a very early age, and he decided to turn to the streets trying to venture out on his own. Sharpe didn’t realize at the time that (Most Kids That Runaway Don’t Until It’s Too Late) […]

Business Uprise: Positive Global Spike Or An Even Break?

Business Uprise: Positive Global Spike Or An Even Break? So far the Global Market has been surprisingly bouncing back, despite the disappointing statistic predictions of Business dangers   (Picture: Sept. 2012′ Stock Market Poll Chart) and failures that expected to happen on a large-scale. But it’s not to say that  it isn’t at full strength, as places like […]