Amelia Earhart Airplane Mystery Might Be Solved..

Historical Aviator’s Plane Discovered?   Ameila Earhart was a driven young lady that had a vision, that vision would lead her to become one of the most decorated pilots to ever board an aircraft vehicle. She did however face some obstacles becoming a pilot, one reason is the time that she wanted to become a pilot […]

Soldier Is Killed After Terrorist Attack (UK)

Soldier Is ‘Beheaded’ (UK)   Two men attacked a British soldier, and had been brutally hacked to death (The Men Reportedly Beheaded The Soldier). This happened on a south London street location area and events had stemmed from a ‘terrorist’ attack. The two men that attacked the soldier was shouting out “Islamic Slogans”, and the […]

Justin Bieber: Broken Promises To Fans

Justin Bieber: Broken Promises To Fans Well there  are some unhappy fans out in Portugal, because they won’t be seeing their favorite superstar perform in concert. Justin Bieber apparently cancelled his concert tour debut, which he was scheduled to perform out in Portugal.  Bieber was going to perform two days originally for his concert event, […]

Rihanna Bloodied At Box Nightclub

Rihanna Bloodied At Box Nightclub Man Rihanna just seems to be catching it from all sides lately, this situation now takes place at “The Box,” which is a night club out in London,England. So apparently Rihanna was assaulted by a out-of-control fan that was overly anger stricken at Rihanna, and decided to sling a bottle […]

Benny Hill:Comic Man In The Making.

Benny Hill:Comic Man In The Making. I watched the comical “Benny Hill Show” like crazy, when I was a kid back in the 80′s (Even Though My Parents Told Me Not To LOL). And I often wondered where Benny Hill’s comical antics started from. Alfred Hill (Benny) really had a flare for comedy and entertainment at a young age. […]