“Krokidil” Death In Dosage..

Chicago Back On the Hot Seat Once Again..   It seems now the “The Great Windy City”, has a whole new set of issues as of late.   This is no surprise to most Chicagoans today, you can basically take your hands and hold them out while counting your fingers and thumbs and you still […]

Governmental Lock-Down: Freedom & Security..

Alex Jones Says “Stay In Your House!”   I want to point this topic of discussion out today, and I know most Americans will want to hear this in “flush” details..   What do most people think about when you mention the 2 words that the average American loves to hear, those 2 words are […]

Minimum Wage Hike Up To $15 For Seattle?..

Sleepless in Seattle, LOL Not After You Hear This Story..   Seattle, Washington has got to be gleaming with some very happy citizens right about now, and some might say but Seattle is kinda boring, and they are still stuck back in the 80’s on either fashion or hairstyles (well that’s what my sister would […]

What is the REAL IRS Cover-up That Is Kryptonite To Republicans?

A IRS Scandal That Republicans Say “No-Way” To..   Well the thing about the IRS is this. We don’t really care for the IRS, but at the same time they are a necessity. Now for what reason exactly WHY there are needed in this country, it’s kinda hard to say really. Just like over in England, the […]

Guy Tries To Shoot Cop At Station.. WTF?

Guy Tries To Shoot Cop At Station.. WTF? You know I don’t understand just exactly what the f**k people are thinking nowadays LOL, and a better question is what are people smoking nowadays. Because this story just doesn’t make any damn sense at all. Ok so this guy goes to the Police station last night, […]

Chris Zorich Vs The “IRS”!!

Chris Zorich Vs The “IRS”!! Some legal troubles for Chris Zorich has come out into the open as of late, the former NFL Chicago Bears superstar has been targeted by the IRS for not filing his taxes for 3 years. Zorich is greatly known for his charity work, and has a charity foundation in his name. […]

Lance Armstrong In More Hot Water?..

Lance Armstrong In More Hot Water?…   More woes for Lance Armstrong just seem to appear from the left or right, as he now faces some serious situations after the “Tour De France” dirty secret of which he admits to doping accusations. In which he was stripped of his titles, and then stepping down from […]