China’s Rock-Probe Digs Up Sample On The Moon Will Happen?

It Was Bound To Happen Right?..   China is tossing it’s hat into the ring it seems for the bid of space exploration, rumors has it that they have a probe-rock sample collector that will bring back various rock samples while it will be roaming over the lunar surface.   Later down the line, China […]

Flight Attendant Dies From iPhone Electrocution?

iPhone 5 Attack? WTF..   This one just comes way straight out of left field. So there is a flight attendant was electrocuted by her iPhone 5 cell phone, yea you just heard me say that.   This has got to be one of the most weirdest type of accidents I could possibly think of. […]

3-Way Slice: North Korea Put On Notice / Adam Lanza’s Motive Newtown Shooting / Girl Kidnapped Is Found

North Korea Put On Notice   Kim Jong Un really needs to understand something LOL, and that is he is starting to ruffle feathers of a lot of countries with he defiant attitude that has spawned off from North Korea’s rocket force program that he started blasting off as of late. Conducting missile launch test […]

Kim Jong-un Pushing For Nuclear Testing

 Kim Jong-un Pushing For Nuclear Testing Despite the fact that he is a out-of-control madman to date. Kim Jong-un has been pushing for nuclear testing. And he has been warned on a few accounts by the United States, to back off of nuclear testing activities. But he has ignored the warnings of the U.S., basically […]