How To Tint A Side Window On Your Car (Think You Can Do It?)..

So You Want to Be A Tint Master Eh?..   I was watching a video on how to apply tint to your windows for your car, and I know most people think that this is something that a professional installer should do.. But truth is, that’s not true. In fact anybody can do it really, […]

“Cee-Lo Green”

Gnarls Barkley (St. Elsewhere)..   When I first heard of Cee-Lo, honestly I didn’t know who in the world this guy was. Then I asked some people who is this Cee-Lo guy anyhow, and they just looked at me like they were looking into the depths of deep dark outer space LOL.   So I […]

e-books or Print Books Which Is Better?

So What Is More Important Between The Two..   Well right off you have to think that Printed Books were never going to go out of style and would be around forever.. LOL yea well that might have been true back in the 40s, 50s, 60s, or a stretch of roughly 60 years. In truth books have […]

Golgo 13: The Mystery Assassin..

Golgo 13: The Mystery Assassin..   What can you say about Golgo 13?.. Nothing really but it just the matter of the fact that he is deemed labeled as James Bond’s knight, to Ethan Hunt‘s Bishop but really these guys are from infamous movies that of course involve “tactical espionage”. And most of many should […]

People Who Feel They Don’t Deserve To Be Successful, Or Afraid Of It…

People Who Feel They Don’t Deserve To Be Successful, Or Afraid Of It… Most People in life fall into a category that they feel they can’t escape from. Depression is a part of it, as well as uncertainty  and doubting themselves. They grow up from a kid having the best of intentions of a dream they […]

Black Friday Doorbusters Angled At Deals…

  Black Friday Sales Draws Consumers Left And Right     For now during this holiday season, people have been out and about doing the shop till you drop for good hands on deals. And they are like detectives in a murder case in most cases LOL, searching around closely looking for that perfect gift to […]