Creepiest TV Hack Of Two TV Giants

Max Headroom Wannabes?   This was a rather surprising story that will make you think twice about leaving your laptop on at night while you sleep the deep sleep night away. Lately it has been hacker pirates that have been making transmission pranks on major TV networks, and it doesn’t seem like this might not […]

WGN Tells The Lottery To Pack It’s Bags

It Might Leave The Chicago’s Very Own Station?   So here’s a very rude awaking for those who view Illinois Lottery on WGN channel 9, and if you didn’t know bout it I’m about to drop a bomb on Chicagoians that will in no doubt piss you off nice and good. So the talk about […]

Chicago’s Problems: The Nitty Gritty

The Ranks Are Shifting It Seems But Rather Slowly…   Yea I know it’s like a broken record talking about Chicago yet again, but I did hear about a show (“Chicago Live”) that will possibly shine some much-needed light on the windy city I mean because after all this city could use some positive up-lifting news. […]

Detroit On The Brink Of Collapse?..

Detroit In Dysfunction Mode..   So I thought that Chicago was in very bad shape, I’m not so sure after I heard some tripped out “I Am Legend” type stuff that mirrors Detroit in terms of it’s living conditions.   Now of course there are not any types of vampires or sub-humanoids like in the […]

Rahm Emanuel’s 2014 City Budget Can Just Take A Hike!!

LOL Chicago Needs More Tax Laws? WTF?   Chicago today is facing more and more difficult times it seems, the murders have backslid a little do to the freezing cold temperatures.   So it’s sad to say, but the only thing that will keep the murders down is old man winter itself.   And if […]

“Krokidil” Death In Dosage..

Chicago Back On the Hot Seat Once Again..   It seems now the “The Great Windy City”, has a whole new set of issues as of late.   This is no surprise to most Chicagoans today, you can basically take your hands and hold them out while counting your fingers and thumbs and you still […]

Minimum Wage Hike Up To $15 For Seattle?..

Sleepless in Seattle, LOL Not After You Hear This Story..   Seattle, Washington has got to be gleaming with some very happy citizens right about now, and some might say but Seattle is kinda boring, and they are still stuck back in the 80’s on either fashion or hairstyles (well that’s what my sister would […]