A Re-look At Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 Theory On Technology..

Hal-9000’s In Our Future, Still Don’t See Any Today Except For Android Phones..   I like the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey which is a film created by Stanley Kubrick and written by Arthur C. Clarke this movie has got to be the most “inspriational” in terms of space travel and discovering other worlds.   […]

123-year-old man.. Could Be The Oldest Man In The World?

What Could One Do With That Much Time On Their Hands?..   Is the question that most people would ask, if they had over 120 years of life and still living to who knows how much more.. (There have been older people living on this mud ball planet, in one case a woman who was 152 […]

David Bowie’s ..Fame..

David Bowie’s ..Fame.. David Bowie was always an interesting musical performer, from what I heard of his songs, they came off unique in sound and was often what you would call “ahead of it’s time” in terms of retro-music. Bowie did a few songs back in the mid to late 70’s, then he came back […]

Stanley Kubiak’s Real Meaning Behind The Monolith: 2001 A Space Odessey…

The Monolith A Secret Wrapped Into A Puzzle Of Truth… Arthur C. Wright: Creator Of A Space Odessey. Was a story of wonder and mystery you see, this ancient movie LOL is a highly recomended classic that is just so question mark confusing. But you have to see the 3rd part to the movie to […]