Navy Yard Shooter: A Closer Look..

Footage That Is Unforgettable: Navy Yard Shooter Caught In The Act.   I just did a post about Aaron Alexis who is better identified as the “Navy Yard Shooter”, and some more details came out about the last span of moments of him going on a rampage shooting spree that would ultimately come to an […]

Governmental Lock-Down: Freedom & Security..

Alex Jones Says “Stay In Your House!”   I want to point this topic of discussion out today, and I know most Americans will want to hear this in “flush” details..   What do most people think about when you mention the 2 words that the average American loves to hear, those 2 words are […]

Watertown Residents Having Some Fun..

Watertown Residents Having Some Fun..   Despite that tough week that the President has been subjected to, dealing with various political business that lies at hand, to the situations that went down during the 26 mile-run marathon event that turned deadly, and even a plant explosion that happened as well. And it called for his […]

Boston Marathon Attack..

Boston Marathon Attack.. Police had arrived on the scene quickly, but it was challenging for the medical personnel to get through the crowds as one eyewitness said.. The bystander said that his dad was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment as he was injured in the blast. All in all this was supposed to […]

Man In Deep Trouble After Slapping Baby On Plane!

Man In Deep Trouble  After Slapping Baby On Plane! Sometimes you might be out at a store or a restaurant, and let’s say you might see  a kid nearby from the table you are sitting at waiting for your food getting disciplined by their parents for acting out in public. That could be something like a […]

“The Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy”

“The Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy” I don’t know where to even start with this story but I take it from here. Yesterday out in Newtown, Connecticut  a Man went into a school armed with Semi-Automatic weapons dressed in a black outfit, and killed 20 kids in the school. The school “Sandy Hook,” has 600 students […]