Ex-Sues Wife For Covering Up Hidden Twitter Stock

She Blinded Him With Twitter Stock’   So here we have this lady by the name of Jennifer Johnson, and what is so special about this individual is that she may have hit the jackpot big time when making the move to invest in “high-priced” stock. The venture could land her in the millionaire club […]

Woman Boston Marathon Bombing Costume WTF..

What The H**l Are People Thinking These Days?..   Now I know that Halloween is supposed to be the time for pretend to be that ‘certain’ somebody else character that you like to portray for that night of a little mischief and fun.   But that was taken to a whole different level with this […]

Sometimes It Can Just Really Suck Being President..

Just Not Obama’s Week…   President Obama it seems has been getting put through the ringer it seems as of late, and it has been starting to come from the least unlikeliest individuals.   Actually to put it frank, these individuals are celebrities…   Yea I know, Hollywood and seemingly Politics have been clashing into […]

Facebook “Reverse Hacked?”

Facebook Catches A Bugging Virus?     So the thing is this, when you go to the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.. You expect for your private and confidential info to be preserved well, and that no one can see your information that you want to keep “under-wraps”. You see I did […]

“The Taco Bell Licker Catches A Cannonblast!”

I’ll Lick The Shells But Won’t Make Any Sales..   LOL sh*t isn’t that the truth, and that is because of what a Taco Bell employee had done despite of the fact that the image photo that was taken of him just going “down right ape shit” licking a stack of corn shelled tacos at the franchise restaurant. […]

Twitter For Business (Breaking The Box Open For Followers)..

Twitter Insights: A Little Twitter 101 Intro..   Now me myself I will tell didn’t understand exactly how Twitter truly works, and I saw this one video by “I am the SEO Guy” and he breaks it down very well as to how you can boost your credibility high on “Twitter”. Now before I say anything more, gonna […]

3-Way Slice: Rush Limbaugh Will Leave His Radio Gig? / Sloane Stephens: Harsh Words For Williams / Crazed Fan Pursues Bieber On Stage!

Rush Limbaugh Will Leave His Radio Gig?   Rush Limbaugh is pissed and angry over the fact that his comments about Sandra Fluke, he come back to bite him in the a*s big time and the hashing out of criticisms came from the unexpected that threw him a loop he didn’t see coming. He now […]