Farrah Sex Tape Is Sold..

Farrah Sex Tape Is Sold..   Farrah Abraham  did a move with Vivid Entertainment, she talk with the CEO of Vivid Steve Hirsch on an apparent deal to produce a sex tape that was to be sold after it’s production.   Vivid Entertainment is one of the top porn industry film production companies in that […]

Nickels Worth Over 3 Mil Go To The Auction!..

Nickels Worth Over 3 Mil Go To The Auction!..   Five cent coins from the early 1910’s is causing some serious attention, and that is because this coin is rare and there are a few of it’s kind. The coins are reported to be wroth up to $3.1 million in value. But there is a […]

KRS-ONE: “The Return Of Boom Bap”

KRS-ONE: “The Return Of Boom Bap”   Some people my think that, KRS-ONE was actually a name that Lawrence Parker claimed as his very own.. In truth most people who really don’t know the meaning behind it, and some might stand to be a little unenlightened.  KRS-ONE means (Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone), pretty […]

Can You Smell What Dwayne Johnson Is Cooking?..

Can You Smell What Dwayne Johnson Is Cooking?..   The iconic line that bought forth an iconic wrestler, that has been in the game of the professional sport since his appearance in the franchise back in the 90’s. Had to undergo some surgery, due to tearing in his abdomen that occurred in his match-up at […]

White House Threat ‘Linked In’ Through Twitter?

White House Bomb Threat ‘Linked In’ Through Twitter? More threats on the U.S. front it seems, from the Boston Marathon bomb scare last Monday, to the White House that has seemingly been threatened falsely through the favorite social media everybody knows and love “Twitter”.  Now I have to say after this day here on out, […]

Federal Way Complex Shooting (Seattle)

Federal Way Suburb Shooting (Seattle) Things got really hairy when the Police arrived at an apartment  complex (Federal Way Apartment Complex)  not far from Seattle, Washington. And within a short few moments three people were killed (Two Were Found Later In A Nearby Apartment) in an encounter with the Police. Officers were alerted about the complex […]

Watertown Residents Having Some Fun..

Watertown Residents Having Some Fun..   Despite that tough week that the President has been subjected to, dealing with various political business that lies at hand, to the situations that went down during the 26 mile-run marathon event that turned deadly, and even a plant explosion that happened as well. And it called for his […]

“3-Way Slice”: Bombing Suspects Pursued / “Pregnant Rihanna”? / McCartney’s Message…

 “Bombing Suspects Pursued One Killed”   The FBI have finally discovered that it was two individuals wearing  baseball caps, that fit the match to the horrific events that had taken place Monday during the Boston Marathon running event. And just like everybody should know by now, that if you do anything out in public like […]

David Bowie’s ..Fame..

David Bowie’s ..Fame.. David Bowie was always an interesting musical performer, from what I heard of his songs, they came off unique in sound and was often what you would call “ahead of it’s time” in terms of retro-music. Bowie did a few songs back in the mid to late 70’s, then he came back […]

LOL Actress Tries To [Rob] Ferrell For Award..

LOL Actress Tries To [Rob] Ferrell For Award..   I was thinking what the f**k right off, this one was just straight up hilarious to the ” T “ about what Audrey Plaza tried to pull at the MTV awards this past Sunday. First off this stunt was not “rehearsed”, just to get that out-of-the-way. Audrey […]

Boston Marathon Attack..

Boston Marathon Attack.. Police had arrived on the scene quickly, but it was challenging for the medical personnel to get through the crowds as one eyewitness said.. The bystander said that his dad was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment as he was injured in the blast. All in all this was supposed to […]

Why Do Other Countries Try To Censor Content?..

Why Do Other Countries Try To Censor Content?.. That is a good question.. I did a post at jayeironsempowerdmind.com (I.M. Strategic) called Google Transparency Report “What I Think”, and that was about content censorship (Blocking Content From The Public). The internet itself has become very powerful over some time now, and you have to stop and think […]


“Castlevania” This is like the 3rd or 4th post I did about vampires LOL, but I guess vampires are just all to popular, they are mysterious and march to the beat of their own drummer, can charm and control anybody with just a stare. And can even take on various shapes and forms at will. […]

Bob Costas Cannonblasts CBS Over Augusta’s Policies

Bob Costas Cannonblasts CBS Over Augusta’s Policies   Jim Mantz spoke with sports personality announcer Bob Costas on the “Dan Patrick Show”, for a while the conversation was just general and basic sports talk about the Augusta Golf Tournament. But soon after a few moments into it, the conversation got touchy between the two and eventually would anger Costas. Especially […]

Macy’s Incorporated Contract Violated By Home Goods Giant..

Macy’s Incorporated Contract Violated By Home Goods Giant.. This past Thursday, Macy Incorporated had pointed out a contract violation on the part of Martha Stewart‘s company that designs certain products for J.C. Penney Co Inc. Judge Jeffery Oing’s ruling  could affect the ability for J.C. Penney to continue to sell Martha Stewart products that brands […]

Meghan McCain’s Murder Suggested In Ann Coulter’s Post?

Meghan McCain’s Murder Suggested In Ann Coulter’s Post? For some odd off the wall reason Ann Coulter had written a joke in her journal post, that might not be all too funny. She had written in her post suggesting in a joking manner, for Meghan McCain to be murdered. Coulter involved in the political front […]

North Korea Missile… Launch? WTF?

North Korea Missile… Launch? WTF?.. So it comes down to this, North Korea has been causing some serious noise thus far and none to positive as of late.. This all comes from Kim Jong-Un‘s stint on promoting the ever so attention-getting ability to launch it’s missiles, which is a part of it’s prominent (Missile Warfare Program) […]

Faze-O “Riding High”..

Faze-O “Riding High”.. Was a funk group that was formed during the “Disco Era“, and was brought together by the leader of the “Ohio Players” Clarence Satchell that also was known for his production work in the music industry. And as of late, more and more rappers today have a sampling of tunes and beats to […]

Annette Funicello “Forever Mouseketeer”

Annette Funicello “Forever Mouseketeer”   Noted as one of the most unforgettable Mickey Mouse Club  “Mouseketeer”. She started out at the age of twelve with her career in acting, and due to her popularity on the “Mickey Mouse Club” Show had catapulted her to instant stardom very quickly. Originally Walt Disney took quite an interest […]

Sequestration Deadline… Health Care Cost Effected But How Badly?

Sequestration Deadline… Health Care Cost Effected But How Badly? If Sequestration does become real it will no doubt hurt a lot of Americans in terms of health care cost hikes, and it will hit their pockets deep and hard without any remorse. So think about this for a moment, people with heart disease, diabetes, HIV […]

The Youngest Person To Be Executed In America Is…

The Youngest Person To Be Executed In America Is… Geogre Junius Stinney story is just tragic and unbelievable and I tell you why.. He was accused of a crime that he more in likely did not commit, and the more shocking part of it is that the crime that this 14-year-old kid was accused of doing. That has […]

Target Catches A Classic “Cannonblast!”

Target Catches A Classic “Cannonblast!”   Back in 1993, this guy was looking for a job, and he had just left his previous job that was dealing with the fast-food industry (I Don’t Want To Have To Call Names, But A Hint About The Restraunt’s Name Well It Ends With ___BER the other half is ___G). And he […]

Owen Hart’s Widow Wins Lawsuit

Owen Hart’s Widow Wins Lawsuit Owen Hart was noted as big time superstar in the WWE, for years ever since his brother Brett the “Hitman” Hart was involved in the Franchise Wrestling league himself for many years.  But an unexpected twist in Owen Hart’s career had taken place in 1999, I was one of the […]

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Walking..

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Walking.. This game is a classic in itself, a real “McCoy” of “McCoys” really. But this game is of political ties to the mob and inside con men, bring the usual murder and death if you cross the top man type of action pack series in a third-person shooter. The […]

Guy Tries To Shoot Cop At Station.. WTF?

Guy Tries To Shoot Cop At Station.. WTF? You know I don’t understand just exactly what the f**k people are thinking nowadays LOL, and a better question is what are people smoking nowadays. Because this story just doesn’t make any damn sense at all. Ok so this guy goes to the Police station last night, […]

When Did Google Show Signs Of Humor?

When Did Google Show Signs Of Humor? Now I just have to start off and say Google deep down does not have what you would call a tickle bone in it’s electronic body. Let’s be real here, if you try to picture Google with a friendly smile on it’s digit face well.. Haha then the picture […]

The Doobie Brothers & Micheal McDonald..

“The Doobie Brothers & Micheal McDonald”..  This famous rock band started out with John Hartman who was a drummer that arrived in California back in 69′. Hartman was on a mission if you will, and that was to meet up with Skip Spence. Spence was a Canadian-born American musician and singer-songwriter, and he was the […]

3-Way Slice: North Korea Put On Notice / Adam Lanza’s Motive Newtown Shooting / Girl Kidnapped Is Found

North Korea Put On Notice   Kim Jong Un really needs to understand something LOL, and that is he is starting to ruffle feathers of a lot of countries with he defiant attitude that has spawned off from North Korea’s rocket force program that he started blasting off as of late. Conducting missile launch test […]

Same-Sex Marriage Campaign On Twitter & Facebook

Same-Sex Marriage Campaign On Twitter & Facebook  People might have been lost, when they saw their Facebook webpage filled with red-equal signs. But they more in likely didn’t under stand exactly why the famous mathematic symbol that was used for {so so} many years now, and suddenly seeing it all over their Facebook web-page. The […]

Amanda Knox: “Trial Error”

Amanda Knox: “Trial Error” Amanda Knox might be looking at another trial case that could be set in the very near future. Knox ,25, was in what most called a “Shocking and twisted” murder case, in which Knox was branded a murderer for the death of her roommate Meredith Kercher. (Amanda Knox & Raffaele Sollecito […]

“Pioneer Of A Weightlifting Industry Dies”..

“Pioneer Of A Weightlifting Industry Dies”.. Most of the younger crowd today that are into the sport of Weightlifting might not really know exactly how the body building industry took off from the start. Joe Weider was the Co-founder of the “International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB) and partnered with his brother Ben Weider of the […]

Dead Space 3: I’m Playing It, And It’s Badass!!

Dead Space 3: I’m Playing It, And It’s Badass!!  This game is just insanely crazy fun! Now I’ve played the earlier installations (Deadspace & Deadspace 2), and in Dead Space 3 there are some major changes in terms of the design and overall game play. In one it was basically just an introduction to the […]

Tennessee Titans Cheerleader In Trouble..

Tennessee Titans Cheerleader In Trouble.. Ex-Cheerleader of the Tennessee Titans, was taken into custody by the authorities after she had allegedly fondled a 12-yr-old boy. Elizabeth Leigh Garner, 42, was at a friend’s residence, and followed a 12-year-old boy into the bathroom, and had touched him inappropriately then tried to seduce him. Apparently this all […]

300 Guns Taken By Cops..

300 Guns Taken By Cops.. There was a time (1800’s) when the old west was wild, filled with lawmen and gunmen, that branded an old tradition… (They usually carry a gun or sidearm type weapon ready to blow each other away). Yea it seems harsh, but that’s how the old west was fought back then. […]

Kim Jong Un Family Edition Exposed..

Kim Jong Un Family Edition Exposed.. Kim Jung Un is known to be a defiant dictator that can pretty much do what he wants it’s seems as of late. From conducting nuclear test launches without any approval of otherly power factions, he hs definitely annoyed sanctioned to death of his arrogance and careless attitude. But […]

New Pepsi Bottle Shape?

New Pepsi Bottle Shape? It’s been a long time since the popular Coke drink Pepsi, has motioned on any accounts to brandish a new look for it’s container appearance. From the original Pepsi bottle shape from way back then, then the 12 0z. can shape not to mention various other sized can shaped products they had […]

The Great LV Protest Of 13′

The Great LV Protest Of 13′   Now there is a such thing as setting world records but LOL, “Guiness Book Of World Records“, would have had another entry into their acclaimed world record set book because in one day almost 100 (98 Protesters Got Arrested Out In Las Vegas). The stamper of protesters were […]

Michelle Shocked Concert Cancelled

Michelle Shocked Concert Cancelled Shocked basically blasted herself out her at concert, after out a homophobic rant this past weekend. As a result of her ranting about a homophobic slur, she now has a problem.. Her concert tour is now suffering for her comments at a Sunday night concert, that have cost her concert tour. […]

Race Car Loses Control Kills Two

Race Car Loses Control Kills Two Over this past weekend at a race car track, a race car lost control and slammed into the race track pit killing two people as a result. The crash happen doing a routine warm-up just before the event was to take place at the Marysville Raceway Park track. The […]

Palin “Cannonblasts” Obama Conservative Issue

Palin “Cannonblasts”  Obama Conservative Issue  Palin went off the radar on Obama, and pulled out an old styled cannon on him and blasted away ugly (Metaphor). She called Obama out on the issue of promising the “most transparent” administration ever, and that was followed up by the magic words to stur up a fight (Well […]

O.J. Simpson… The Story Before The Murders.

O.J. Simpson…  The Story Before The Murders..  It has been almost 20 years since the murder of both Nicole Simpson, and Ron Goldman. And the topic is still under big time controversy, and that is largely due to the still today burning question… Did O.J. Simpson murder both Nicole Simpson & Ron Goldman? But this […]

Lil’ Wayne Released From Hospital After Seizure Attack

Lil’ Wayne Released From Hospital After Seizure Attack   The popular rapper known as Lil’ Wayne has been having episodes of seizure attacks, he went through a series of attacks while he was in the middle of filming a music video in L.A.  He was then taken to Cedars-Sinai hospital, which he was released from the […]

Sharing Something With My Fellow Bloggers…

Sharing Something With My Fellow Bloggers… I’ve been on the internetical airways for a little while, and I can remember when I first got started blogging, LOL had trial and errors up the ass let me just point that out when I first did it. I’d thought I would never get deceit at it either, […]


Heatwave..   One of the most tripped out music bands back in the 70’s, this was during my older sisters’ time when they were basically in high school. I was in the single digit age bracket region trying to tag along with them everywhere they would go LOL. One day they were hanging out with […]

D.C. Drive By?.. Wow So What’s Next The Pentagon?

D.C. Drive By?.. Wow So What’s next The Pentagon?   I just don’t get it, what the f**k is wrong with these people LOL. Alright here we go.. There were thirteen people who were shot in a drive-by shooting. The vehicle that the shooter was driving, was a grayish Sedan vehicle & joining it is […]

Six Teens Killed Two Hurt SUV Disaster Crash..

Six Teens Killed Two Hurt SUV Disaster Crash.. Eight teens crashed into a guard rail this Sunday morning and the vehicle they were riding in had flipped over into a swamp out in northeastern Ohio. Two of the six teens had escaped, but the others had died in the crash (Two other fifteen year-old teens dead […]

Creepiest TV Hack Of Two TV Giants

Max Headroom Wannabes?   This was a rather surprising story that will make you think twice about leaving your laptop on at night while you sleep the deep sleep night away. Lately it has been hacker pirates that have been making transmission pranks on major TV networks, and it doesn’t seem like this might not […]

Laws Established For Teens House Chores

Law Enforcement On House Chores?   This is going to be one of those types of topics that parents are going to simply love no doubt, and the reason why they will like it will speak for itself momentarily and it does involve two other factors which are kids and common house chores. So there […]

Solange Goes UFC On Jay-Z

Very Embarrassing Jay-Z Moment   So it has been a lot of fuss about this whole situation between rapper Jay-Z, Beyonce, and her probably future WWE Diva prize fighting sister LOL Solange Knowles. All day I kept hearing about Solange going after Jay-Z like they were scheduled to fight in a 12 rounds expedition fight […]

Google & NSA In Bed Together?

Google Getting Down & Dirty!   You see I talked about how Google and other social medias are used like pawns in a proxy game. People as of late might not have been seeing the signs that sometimes lie right in front of their face, and many are reading this line of this sentence now […]

The Originals Starring Madman Klaus

So He Went Back To Take Back New Orleans…   Most people probably can’t stand him but he makes the show definitely come to life, he makes decision that may piss you off then later down the road in a future episode he usually get his back by an enemy whether it’s a witches, or […]

MERS Virus Hits The U.S.

MERS Another One?   We have heard of diseases that can be detrimental to the very existence of our well being, to name a few like HIV, AIDS, Cancer, West Nile Flu, and who knows how many others that fall into the category as deadly. Now it is another one that really has not been […]

Bin Laden In “Double Vision” 2D Effects

Bin Laden’s Double?   Don’t really know if the late Taliban terrorist Bin Laden ever had anybody in his family that was close kin to him, I of course am not talking about a brother or sister that is just related to him. But rather thinking about if he had any brothers in his family […]

Amanda Knox: Doing Hard Time

Knox Is Biting Her Fingernails No Doubts There…   This trial has been ongoing for a number of years now, and it’s not much left really to search for any added evidence. To tell the truth this trial should have been over a long-time ago, it only involved 3 potential killers and there is definitely […]

Sterling Stepped Out Of Bounds Big Time

Sterling The Pot At The Worst Possible Time   Sometimes people just don’t know when to shut-up LOL, and their mouth can get them into a very ugly situation in a New York minute (or in a hurry). This applies to the owner of the L.A. Clippers, that said some very rash statements that revved […]