“Mega Man”

“Megaman”   So here you are a brilliant scientist named Dr. Light, and you have been building this prototype robotic creation. Now if it was an experiment of the Military, LOL you could bet your bottom dollar it would be an instrument of warfare proportions. But Dr. Light had another idea, he built this cybernetic […]

Business Uprise: Positive Global Spike Or An Even Break?

Business Uprise: Positive Global Spike Or An Even Break? So far the Global Market has been surprisingly bouncing back, despite the disappointing statistic predictions of Business dangers   (Picture: Sept. 2012′ Stock Market Poll Chart) and failures that expected to happen on a large-scale. But it’s not to say that  it isn’t at full strength, as places like […]

Global Warming Is Becoming A Big Issue…

Global Warming Is Becoming A Big Issue… Lately there has been increased worries about the issues of Global Warming, although not too much concern in the U.S., Russia, and China. But other countries like, Germany, France, Spain, and Japan, feel very differently about the issue. And the environments in this countries have become more apparent as […]